Molasses is a delicious product extracted during the sugar cane refining process used to make sugar. The flavor and color of molasses varies depending on how early or late in the process the molasses is extracted. Molasses has is a source of magnesium, iron, potassium and calcium. It may also be a sold as a health supplement.

Molasses is unsulphured, which means it does not contain some of the processed chemicals that people are sensitive to. It is also made from organic sugar cane. The popularity of the molasses came around the mid 20th century In Egypt and most of the Middle East countries

Molasses - 400gm
  • Type:Plain
  • Weight:400gm
  • Pack:12 Jars
  • Container 20:3441 cartons
  • Container 40:7020 cartons
  • Container HC:8947 cartons
Molasses - 800gm
  • Type:Plain
  • Weight:800 gm
  • Pack:6 Jars
  • Container 20:3593 cartons
  • Container 40:7329 cartons
  • Container HC:9341 cartons
Molasses - 60gm
  • Type:Plain
  • Weight:60 gm
  • Pack:6 Boxes X 12 Sachets
  • Container 20:1479 cartons
  • Container 40:3017 cartons
  • Container HC:3845 cartons